T8 Integrated 8ft LED Shop Lights Triac Dimmable- 60W with 6500K and 8400 Lumens, 100V-277V- Linkable LED Fixture

T8 Integrated 8ft LED Shop Lights Triac Dimmable- 60W with 6500K and 8400 Lumens, 100V-277V- Linkable LED Fixture

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SKU: COM06016

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Light Up Your Space with T8 LED Integrated Tubes - 8ft LED Shop Lights (Triac Dimmable)

Discover the brilliance of Eco LED Lighting's T8 8ft Integrated LED Shop Lights. These energy-saving LED bulbs offer exceptional light output, making them perfect for a wide range of lighting applications.

With a 60-watt capacity, they provide ample illumination for spaces like shops, warehouses, offices, and garages. Emitting an impressive 8400 lumens, they rival traditional 210-watt light sources. The 6500K color temperature ensures a crystal white light, creating a well-lit and vibrant environment.

What Comes in the Box?:

1- In Pack of 4: You get 4 Pigtail connectors and 4 Mini Connectors along with the Mounting Clips.
2- In Pack of 20: You get 20 Pigtail connectors and 20 Mini Connectors along with the Mounting Clips. 
3- In Pack of 40:  You get 40 Pigtail connectors and 40 Mini Connectors along with the Mounting Clips. 

Features and Advantages of T8 8ft Linkable LED Shop Lights

Efficient Design:

These LED tube bulbs significantly reduce power consumption, leading to substantial savings on your utility bills. They offer an impressive amount of light while minimizing energy usage, making them a cost-effective choice. Increase energy efficiency with our 8ft LED shop lights frosted cover

Dimmable - Triac Dimmable Feature:

Enhance your lighting ambiance with our Triac dimmable feature, offering heightened control. Whether you desire intense, task-focused illumination or a gentler, more serene atmosphere, our fixtures enable effortless adjustment of brightness levels. Tailor your lighting to suit your unique preferences and needs with ease.

Say goodbye to the annoying flicker of fluorescent lighting:

Unlike regular fluorescent tubes, the T8 8ft Integrated Tube provides steady and flicker-free lighting because these 8ft LED Integrated tubes come with built-in drivers or electronic ballasts. This creates a comfortable and undistracted space, enhancing the overall lighting experience.

Easy Installation:

The design of the T8 LED Integrated Tube light eliminates the need for a ballast fixture, simplifying the setup process. Simply connect the provided pigtail linkable connector, and secure the fixture with the included clip kits and screws. This hassle-free installation reduces maintenance costs.

Wide Voltage Compatibility:

Power supply voltages can fluctuate in different electrical systems or locations. AC100-277 voltage compatibility range allows the integrated tube to operate within a broad spectrum of voltages. Also some installations may have older electrical systems with voltage fluctuations. These 8ft LED integrated tubes can work reliably in such environments without the need for extensive upgrades to the electrical infrastructure.

Longer Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

Designed with solid-state lighting technology and an advanced thermal management system, these integrated tubes offer enduring performance. These T8 integrated LED tubes are crafted using high-quality materials and components. Their longer lifespan minimizes maintenance needs and replacements, thereby reducing long-term costs.

True Color Rendering:

Because of its high-quality SMD2835 chip, advanced phosphor coating, and state-of-the-art driver technology, these LED shop lights achieve a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of >80, ensuring accurate color rendering. This makes them well-suited for applications where color accuracy is crucial, such as retail spaces and art studios. Experience vibrant and true-to-life colors with these high-quality LED bulbs.

Surface Mounted for Versatility:

These integrated tube lights can be surface mounted, providing flexibility in installation. This versatility allows them to be easily positioned in various settings, accommodating different lighting needs.

Operating Temperature :

Effective heat dissipation is crucial to ensure a stable operating temperature for 8ft LED integrated tubes. Engineered with precision, these tubes exhibit an impressive operational temperature range from -30°C to 65°C. This exceptional thermal management capability guarantees reliable performance across diverse environmental conditions.

Dust and Humidity Protection:

With an IP20 rating, these tubes are suitable for indoor areas prone to dust and humidity, such as kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. This added protection ensures they can withstand varying environmental conditions.


    Elevate your lighting experience with Eco LED Lighting's T8 8ft Integrated LED Shop Lights. Beyond delivering energy efficiency and remarkable light output, these LED bulbs redefine longevity, minimizing maintenance costs. From enhanced performance to cost savings, these t8 integrate tube lights ensure efficient and vibrant illumination for a multitude of applications. Illuminate your space with confidence and style, embracing a brighter and more sustainable future with Eco LED Lighting.


    Beam Angle: 100° Beam Angle
    Chip Type: SMD2835
    Dimension: 96”L x 1.30”W x 1.38”H Inch
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    IP Rating: IP22
    Lumens: 8400 Lumens
    Power Factor: >0.95
    Size: 8 FT
    Warranty: 5 Year warranty
    certification: ETL Listed and Rebate Eligible
    CCT: 6500K
    CRI: >80
    Dimmable: Triac Dimmable
    Housing: Aluminum + pc
    Life hours: 50,000 Hours
    Operating Temperature: -30°C to 65°C
    Replacement: 210 Watt Replacement
    Voltage: 100-277V AC
    Watt: 60 Watt


    What is the length of the pigtail provided with the lights?

    8-inch pigtails come with 8ft LED integrated tubes, and 6-inch pigtails come with 4ft LED integrated tubes.

    How many pigtail connectors come with a pack of 4?

    Pigtails are included per unit, with a pack of 4, you get 4 pigtails.

    What are the temperature thresholds for these lights?

    The temperature threshold for these integrated tubes is -30 degrees to 65 degrees.

    Are these lights dimmable?

    No, these lights are not dimmable. If you are looking for a dimmable integrated tube, please consider visiting SKU: COM-20-003.

    What is the length of the power cord?

    There are two power cords available: one is 5ft, and the other is 12ft.

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