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200W/240W/300W Selectable Parking Lot LED Pole Lights, 5000K CCT, AC100-347V, 150 Lumens/Watt, 0-10 Dimmable LED Shoebox Lights
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SKU: IND-01-038
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Brightness: 45000 Lumens
Wattage: 200W/240W/300W (wattage Adjustable)
Certificate: ETL, UL, DLC Premium 5.1 Listed
CCT: 5000K
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Rebate Eligible: True
Slip Fitter 200W/240W/300W Selectable Parking Lot LED Pole Lights, 5000K CCT, AC100-347V, 150 Lumens/Watt, 0-10 Dimmable LED Shoebox Lights - Eco LED Lightings Round & Square 200W/240W/300W Selectable Parking Lot LED Pole Lights, 5000K CCT, AC100-347V, 150 Lumens/Watt, 0-10 Dimmable LED Shoebox Lights - Eco LED Lightings Trunnion 200W/240W/300W Selectable Parking Lot LED Pole Lights, 5000K CCT, AC100-347V, 150 Lumens/Watt, 0-10 Dimmable LED Shoebox Lights - Eco LED Lightings
Dusk To Dawn LED Outdoor Area Light - Wattage Options (170W/200W/220W/240W), 36000 Lumens, CCT Selectable (3000K/4000K/5000K), UL, cUL, DLC5.1 - Slip Fitter
$164.00 $199.99
SKU: COM-25-003
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Brightness: 150L/W / (36,000LM)
Wattage: (170W/200W/220W/240W) Wattage Selectable
Certificate: UL, cUL, DLC5.1, CE, SAA RoHS certificate
CCT: 3000K-4000K-5000K ( CCT Changeable)
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

About LED Pole Lights

  • Explore Smart and Efficient LED Pole Lights for Superior Outdoor Illumination
  • Upgrade your outdoor lighting with the latest advancements in LED technology - LED Pole Lights. These intelligent lights are thoughtfully designed with cutting-edge features such as Wattage and CCT Tunable functionality, as well as integrated photocells and motion sensors. Serving as the perfect replacement for conventional metal halide lights, LED Pole Lights are renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency and extended lifespan.
  • Versatile and widely used, LED Pole Lights are the go-to solution for illuminating a range of outdoor spaces, including streets, parking lots, building entrances, gardens, and hotel walkways. These lights ensure safe and hassle-free navigation for both drivers and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • At Eco LED Lightings, we take pride in offering premium LED pole lights crafted from robust materials and featuring industry-standard IP ratings, guaranteeing hassle-free operation for over half a decade without the need for frequent maintenance.

Unidirectional LED Pole Lights for Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting

Our LED Pole lights also known as LED Area Lights boast a sleek and low-profile design, making them ideal for outdoor installations. Built to withstand vibrations and equipped with sturdy optics, these lights come with mounting options such as Slip Fitter Mount and Universal Mount (For Round and Square Poles). Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, LED Pole Lights emit light in a fixed direction, offering a wide beam angle of 150X80 Degrees for covering vast areas effectively. With impressive lumen output, our LED pole lights efficiently illuminate large outdoor spaces, reducing the number of fixtures required.

Key Features to Consider for LED Pole Lights

When choosing the ideal LED pole lights, consider the following essential features:

  1. Wattage: Select the right wattage, ranging from 150W to 450W, based on the area you wish to cover. Our wattage tunable functionality adds extra flexibility.

  2. CCT (Correlated Color Temperature): Define the glowing color of light, explore our collection with a fixed CCT of 5000K, offering consistent and bright illumination for your lighting needs.

  3. CRI (Color Rendering Index): Higher CRI ratings indicate light closer to natural sunlight, providing better illumination.

  4. Heat Dissipation: Our LED pole light fixtures come with excellent heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

A Diverse Range of LED Pole Lights

At Eco LED Lightings, we offer LED pole lights in various color options: Bronze and Black. Choose from a wide range of wattage options, including 150W, 200W Tunable, 240W Tunable, 300W Tunable, 400W Tunable, and 450W Fixed Wattage. Additionally, you can opt for different mounting options to suit your specific pole requirements.

LED Pole Lights - Energy Efficiency at Its Best

Worried about soaring utility bills? With LED lights, you can breathe easily, as they consume significantly less energy compared to conventional fixtures, reducing energy consumption by up to 80%. Boost energy savings further by attaching Photocell Sensors (dusk to dawn sensors) to automate the ON/OFF process and monitor energy usage effectively.

Adaptive and Protective Controls

Our LED lights incorporate groundbreaking technology, offering unparalleled flexibility. Motion sensors automatically adjust the brightness based on detected motion, dimming the lights to their low mode when motion is no longer detected. Additionally, photocells allow lights to respond to ambient light, further conserving energy when needed.

LED Pole Lights - Mounting Options for Versatile Installations

We provide specific mounting options tailored for LED Parking Lot Lights:

  1. Universal Mount: Install lighting fixtures in any desired location with this versatile mounting option, suitable for yoke, adjustable slip fitter, knuckle mounting, or bare walls.

  2. Slip Fitter Mounting: Also known as Adjustable Mount, this option allows you to install LED lights on round poles and adjust the inclination angle from 90 degrees to 180 degrees for customizable lighting experiences.

Accessories to Enhance Performance

Explore our range of accessories, including Tenon Adaptors and Bullhorns, suitable for wooden, metallic, or concrete poles in square or round shapes. Our LED pole light accessories also include photocell Sensors, motion sensors, and Always ON Shorting Caps, all designed to enhance the usability, functionality, and performance of your outdoor pole light installations.

Upgrade your outdoor lighting experience with Eco LED Lightings' premium LED Pole Lights, designed to offer energy efficiency, user-friendly controls, and exceptional illumination for your outdoor spaces. Discover the latest in smart lighting solutions and elevate your outdoor environment with ease

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