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T8 Integrated 8ft LED Shop Lights Triac Dimmable- 60W with 6500K and 8400 Lumens, 100V-277V- Linkable LED Fixture
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SKU: COM061620
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Brightness: 8400 Lumens
Wattage: 60 Watt
Certificate: ETL Listed and Rebate Eligible
CCT: 6500K
Warranty: 5 Year warranty
Rebate Eligible: True
Pack of 4 Pack of 20 Pack of 40

T8 Integrated LED Shop Lights: An Easy Guide

T8 Integrated LED tube lights offer a simple and efficient lighting solution. You can easily use them and link them together for smooth lighting in big indoor spaces. These lights not only look good but also save energy, making them a great choice for different places.

Lighting up Big Spaces with led shop light fixture

Whether it's a hallway, warehouse, shop, or garage, T8 Integrated LED tube lights offer versatile lighting options. The special linking feature lets you connect up to five lights, making a chain of brightness that lights up big areas. This is especially useful in places where electrical outlets are limited.

Extending Your Lighting Setup

Simply use connector cables to stretch your lighting along nearby walls, all powered by one source. The flexibility of these cables lets you be creative in how you set up your lighting. Just be sure not to use more than a total of 240 watts to avoid overloading the power source.

Where Can You Use These T8 LED Integrated Shop Lights?

Connectable LED T8 tubes are versatile. Convenience stores, exhibition rooms, hotels, homes, schools, warehouses, shops, garages, and offices can use them. They work great in places like art studios and exhibitions, where lighting needs can change.

Choosing the Right Type of Linkable LED Integrated Shop Lights

There are two size options to consider:

  • 4ft LED Integrated T8 LED shop lights
  • 8ft LED Integrated T8 LED shop lights

Choose from four wattage options:

  • 30 Watt led lights (up to 4660 lumen output)
  • 60 Watt led lights (up to 8740 lumen output)

Picking the Right Color Temperature

Select from four color temperature options:

  • Warm White (4000K)
  • Cool White (5000K)
  • Daylight White (6000K)
  • Super White (6500K)

Brightening up Spaces with T8 Linkable Tubes

For areas where brighter light is important, high-power LED integrated tubes step up to the challenge. They are particularly well-suited for gymnasiums and sports arenas.

Advantages of LED Integrated Tubes

These tubes are highly efficient, turning most of the energy into bright light and losing only a small amount as heat. They are also plug-and-play, requiring no additional adjustments—simply plug them in and enjoy the light. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, these tubes can last over 5 years if used for 11 hours a day.

Upgrade Your Lighting Experience

Think about switching to T8 LED tube lights for better efficiency, flexibility, and long-lasting brightness. Illuminate your spaces with confidence and style.

In conclusion, T8 LED Shop Lights offer an easy and efficient solution for lighting up large indoor spaces. Their versatility, easy installation, and long lifespan make them a valuable addition to various environments. Upgrade your lighting today for a brighter and more efficient space!

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