8ft LED Shop Lights - 60W LED Integrated Tube, 6500K- 7200 Lumens, Linkable Fixture, 100V-277V, Traic Dimming

8ft LED Shop Lights - 60W LED Integrated Tube, 6500K- 7200 Lumens, Linkable Fixture, 100V-277V, Traic Dimming

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SKU: COM-20-003

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Transform your space with unparalleled illumination using our cutting-edge Triac Dimmable 8ft LED Shop Lights.

Engineered to meet the demands of modern lighting solutions, our fixtures boast a remarkable combination of energy efficiency, versatility, and superior performance. With a focus on delivering optimal brightness and clarity, these LED integrated tubes offer a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a well-lit environment conducive to productivity and comfort. Let's delve deeper into the myriad benefits and features that make our 8ft LED Shop Lights the ideal choice for various applications.

What Comes in the Box?:

1- In Pack of 20: You get 20 Pigtail connectors and 20 Mini Connectors along with the Mounting Clips. 
2- In Pack of 40:  You get 40 Pigtail connectors and 40 Mini Connectors along with the Mounting Clips. 

Features and Benefits of Triac Dimmable 8ft LED Integrated Tube

Wattage Option:

Our 8ft LED Shop Lights are available in a versatile 60W option, providing ample illumination for spaces of all sizes. Whether you're lighting up a garage, workshop, warehouse, or retail space, our fixtures offer the perfect balance of power and efficiency.

Energy Efficiency:

With a mere 60 watts of power consumption, our LED shop lights are exceptionally energy-efficient, significantly reducing electricity bills while maximizing brightness. By opting for LED technology, you not only save money but also contribute to a more sustainable future by lowering your carbon footprint.

Dimmable - Triac Dimmable Feature:

Experience enhanced control over your lighting ambiance with our Triac dimmable feature. Whether you need bright, task-oriented lighting or a softer, more relaxed atmosphere, our fixtures allow you to adjust brightness levels with ease, catering to your specific preferences and requirements.


Say goodbye to frequent bulb replacements with our 8ft LED Shop Lights. With an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, these fixtures are built to last, ensuring years of reliable performance and minimal maintenance hassles. Invest in quality lighting today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your illumination needs are covered for the long haul.

Brightness and Color Temperature:

Boasting a brilliant 7200 lumens output and a crisp 6500K daylight color temperature, our LED shop lights deliver unparalleled brightness and clarity. Whether you're working on intricate tasks or simply need ample illumination for your workspace, our fixtures provide optimal lighting conditions for enhanced visibility and productivity.

Easy Installation:

Simplify your lighting setup with our easy-to-install 8ft LED Shop Lights. Featuring daisy-chain installation capability, you can effortlessly link up to four lamps in a series, streamlining the installation process and ensuring compatibility across various settings. Say goodbye to complex wiring configurations and hello to hassle-free integration.


From garages and workshops to warehouses and retail spaces, our 8ft LED Shop Lights are designed to meet the diverse needs of today's lighting applications. Whether you're illuminating a large industrial facility or a small storefront, our fixtures offer unmatched versatility and adaptability to suit your specific requirements.

Cost Savings:

In addition to reducing energy bills, our LED shop lights offer significant cost savings in terms of maintenance and replacement expenses. With their long lifespan and durable construction, you'll spend less time and money on bulb replacements, translating into greater savings and efficiency in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly:

By opting for LED technology, you're not only saving money but also doing your part for the environment. Our 8ft LED Shop Lights utilize eco-friendly LED technology, minimizing energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions. Make a positive impact on the planet while enjoying superior lighting performance with our innovative fixtures.

Improved Lighting Quality:

Experience the difference with our LED shop lights, as they offer superior lighting quality that enhances visibility, comfort, and productivity in any setting. Whether you're working on intricate tasks or simply relaxing in your space, our fixtures provide optimal lighting conditions that cater to your needs and preferences.


Elevate your lighting experience with our premium 8ft LED Shop Lights, engineered to deliver unrivaled performance, energy efficiency, and versatility. With their innovative features and superior craftsmanship, these fixtures are the perfect choice for illuminating a wide range of spaces, from industrial facilities to commercial establishments. Invest in quality lighting today and unlock the potential of superior illumination with our state-of-the-art LED shop lights.


Beam Angle: 270° View Angle
Chip Type: SMD2835
Dimmable: Triac Dimmable
Housing: Aluminum + pc
Lumens: 7200 Lumens
Power Factor: >0.97
Size: 8 FT
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
certification: ETL, DLC Standard 5.1
CCT: 6500K
CRI: >85
DLC ® Model Number: ZS-T8-60P8FT-INT(6500K)-C
Life hours: 50,000 Hours
Operating Temperature: (-35° to +65°C)
Replacement: 210 Wattage Replacement
Voltage: AC100-277V
Watt: 60 Watt


What is the length of the pigtail provided with the lights?

8-inch pigtails come with 8ft LED integrated tubes, and 6-inch pigtails come with 4ft LED integrated tubes.

How many pigtail connectors come with a pack of 4?

Pigtails are included per unit, with a pack of 4, you get 4 pigtails.

What are the temperature thresholds for these lights?

The temperature threshold for these integrated tubes is -30 degrees to 65 degrees.

What is the length of the power cord?

There are two power cords available: one is 5ft, and the other is 12ft.

Does the power cord come with the lights?

No, the power cord does not come with the product. You can purchase it separately by visiting SKU: COM-06-6001.

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