Modern Twin Headboard Light with Dimmable LED, USB Fast Charge, and Convenience Outlets - Brushed Nickel/Black Finish

Modern Twin Headboard Light with Dimmable LED, USB Fast Charge, and Convenience Outlets - Brushed Nickel/Black Finish

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Enhance Your Bedroom Oasis with the Stylish 13" Twin Headboard Light: Dimmable LEDs, USB Charging, and Convenience Outlets in Brushed Nickel/Black Finish

13" H Twin Headboard Light, a fusion of contemporary design and convenient functionality. Crafted with a brushed nickel body and accented by a matte black finish, this headboard light redefines elegance while offering practical features.

Designed to elevate your space, this light boasts a pure white linen shade that softens and diffuses the LED illumination, creating a soothing ambiance perfect for relaxation or bedtime reading.

Equipped with a range of modern amenities, this headboard light isn't just a lighting fixture—it's a multifunctional solution. At its base, discover a USB fast charge socket, providing swift and convenient charging for your devices. Additionally, find two handy convenience outlets, ensuring accessibility for various electronic devices without the hassle of searching for power sources.

The thoughtful design includes two E26 sockets (bulbs not included) and two rocker switches at the base, granting you control over individual lighting preferences. Adjust the brightness with ease, thanks to the dimmable LED feature, ideal for setting the perfect mood at any time of day or night.

Not only does this headboard light offer modern convenience, but it also prioritizes durability and longevity. Crafted with a sturdy metal body, it ensures a prolonged lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, providing reliable and energy-efficient lighting for years to come.

Installation is a breeze—mount it effortlessly on your wall to complement your twin headboard or place it in any preferred location to add sophistication and functionality to your space.

With UL certification and a reassuring 5-year warranty, this 13" H Twin Headboard Light combines style, convenience, and durability, making it an essential addition to your bedroom or any area where modern elegance and practicality are valued.


  1. Dimmable LED Lighting: Customize brightness for various activities.

    • Benefits: Personalize ambiance, ideal for reading or creating a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. IP40 Rating: Ensures dust protection for lasting performance.

    • Benefits: Longevity and reliability even in dusty environments.
  3. 50,000-Hour Lifespan: Long-lasting LED bulbs for extended use.

    • Benefits: Durability, reduced replacement frequency, and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Dimensions (13"H x 17.5"W x 9.5"D): Compact yet functional design.

    • Benefits: Fits neatly on a twin headboard, maximizing space.
  5. Brushed Nickel with Matte Black Finish: Elegant and contemporary aesthetics.

    • Benefits: Adds sophistication and modernity to your decor.
  6. Metal Body Construction: Sturdy and robust build quality.

    • Benefits: Ensures reliability and longevity of the product.
  7. Pure White Linen Shade: Softens and diffuses light for a cozy ambiance.

    • Benefits: Provides gentle, comforting illumination for relaxation.
  8. 1 x USB Fast Charge Socket, 2 x Convenience Outlets: Convenient access to power sources.

    • Benefits: Easily charge devices and power electronics without hassle.
  9. 2 x E26 Sockets (Bulbs Not Included): Flexibility to choose preferred bulbs.

    • Benefits: Personalize lighting preferences with compatible bulbs.
  10. 2 x Rocker Switches at Base: Easy control over individual light sources.

    • Benefits: Convenience in adjusting lighting according to needs.

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