100W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light, A Series, 120°, AC100-277V, 5000K Non-Dimmable - 13500 LM

100W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light, A Series, 120°, AC100-277V, 5000K Non-Dimmable - 13500 LM

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SKU: IND-02-072

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100W LED Explosion Proof Flood Light, A Series, 120°, AC100-277V, 5000K Non-Dimmable - 13500 LM

The LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light you mentioned is a powerful and specialized lighting fixture designed for hazardous environments where explosion-proof lighting is required. Here's a description of its key features:

  1. Power and Beam Angle: This floodlight has a power rating of 100 watts and provides a wide beam angle of 120 degrees. The broad beam angle ensures efficient and uniform distribution of light over a large area.

  2. Voltage Range: The floodlight operates within a wide voltage range of AC100-277V, making it compatible with various electrical systems commonly found in industrial settings.

  3. Color Temperature: The floodlight emits light with a color temperature of 5000K, known as "daylight" or "cool white." This color temperature creates a bright and clear illumination, enhancing visibility in hazardous environments.

  4. Explosion-Proof Design: The floodlight is specifically designed to be explosion-proof, ensuring safe operation in potentially volatile environments. It meets stringent safety standards and is suitable for use in areas where flammable gases, vapors, or dust particles may be present.

  5. Lumen Output: The floodlight provides a high lumen output of 13,500 lumens, delivering a significant amount of bright light. This ensures excellent visibility and allows for the effective illumination of large areas.

  6. Non-Dimmable: The floodlight is non-dimmable, meaning it does not have the capability to adjust its brightness level. It operates at a constant light output, providing consistent illumination.

In summary, the LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light you described is a specialized lighting solution designed for hazardous environments. With its high power, wide beam angle, and explosion-proof design, it offers bright and uniform illumination while ensuring safety in potentially volatile settings. The wide voltage range and non-dimmable operation make it versatile and suitable for various industrial applications.

Product Specifications LED Explosion-Proof Flood Light

Power: 100W

Beam Angle: 120°

Voltage: AC100-277V

Color Temperature: 5000K

Dimmable: Non-Dimmable Luminous

Flux: 13,500 Lumens

This LED explosion-proof flood light has a power consumption of 100 watts, providing a wide beam angle of 120 degrees. It is designed to operate within a voltage range of AC100-277V, making it suitable for various electrical systems. The color temperature of the light is 5000K, which produces a cool white light. The flood light is non-dimmable, meaning its brightness cannot be adjusted. It offers a high luminous flux of 13,500 lumens, ensuring bright and efficient lighting in hazardous environments.


Beam Angle: 120° Beam Angle
CRI: >70
Life hours: 50,000 Hours
Power Factor: >0.9
Size: 12.5'x9.45'x6.5'
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Class: 1
CCT: 5000K
IP Rating: 1P66
Lumens: 13,500 Lumens
Replacement: 350 Wattage Replacemnet
Voltage: AC100-277V
Watt: 100 Watt
Division: 2

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