240W Tunable LED UFO High Bay Lighting, 5000K CCT, 150LM/W - Dimmable LED Warehouse Lighting Solution

240W Tunable LED UFO High Bay Lighting, 5000K CCT, 150LM/W - Dimmable LED Warehouse Lighting Solution

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Introducing our state-of-the-art LED UFO High Bay Lighting - Revolutionizing Warehouse Lighting with Unmatched Brilliance!

Designed specifically for contractors, business owners, and warehouse owners, our 240-watt LED UFO High Bay Light is the ultimate lighting solution for large spaces with high ceilings. With its cutting-edge features, this commercial and industrial lighting fixture is set to transform your workspace into a brilliantly illuminated environment.

Key Features of UFO High Bay Lighting:

  • Adjustable Wattage: 150W-200W-240W LED UFO High Bay Lights to tailor the brightness level to your specific needs with the ability to adjust the wattage. Whether you require subtle lighting or high-intensity illumination, this versatile feature ensures optimal lighting performance.

  • CCT: Color temperature according to your preference with our CCT technology. Ranging 5000K, you can create the perfect ambiance for any environment, be it a professional workspace or a recreational area.

  • Dimmable: Enjoy seamless control over the lighting intensity with the 0-10V dimming capability. Achieve the desired atmosphere while conserving energy and reducing electricity costs. It's as simple as flicking a switch!

  • Wide Input Voltage Range: Our LED UFO High Bay Light operates flawlessly within a broad input voltage range of AC120-277V. This ensures compatibility with various electrical systems and guarantees consistent performance, regardless of your location.

  • High Light Efficiency: Embrace superior brightness with an impressive light efficiency of 150lm/Watt. Experience exceptional illumination that enhances visibility, productivity, and safety in your workspace. Say goodbye to dimly lit areas!

  • Power Factor (>0.9): Benefit from improved power usage efficiency with a power factor greater than 0.9. Minimize energy wastage and maximize cost savings, all while reducing your environmental footprint.

  • High Color Rendering Index (RA-80): Our LED UFO High Bay Light delivers accurate color representation, ensuring vibrant and true-to-life lighting. Experience visual clarity and enhanced aesthetics in your surroundings.

  • Longevity and Reliability: Rest easy knowing that this product is backed by a 5-year warranty. With an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, this high bay light guarantees long-lasting performance, reducing the hassle and cost of frequent replacements.

Benefits of LED UFO High Bay Lighting:

  • Illuminate Your Warehouse: Our 240-watt LED UFO High Bay Light provides brilliant and uniform lighting, ensuring maximum visibility and productivity in your warehouse space. Say goodbye to dim corners and improve overall operational efficiency.

  • Versatile for Multiple Applications: This lighting fixture is not only ideal for warehouses but also suits various other spaces such as garages, arenas, shops, gyms, and more. Its adaptability makes it a perfect choice for diverse commercial and industrial settings.

  • Energy Efficiency: By utilizing LED technology and offering adjustable wattage and dimming options, our LED UFO High Bay Light provides energy-efficient illumination. Save on electricity costs while contributing to a greener environment.

  • Durability for Demanding Environments: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial settings, our LED UFO High Bay Light features a die-casting radiator for efficient heat dissipation and a high transmittance PC lens for enhanced light transmission. It is also waterproof and weather-resistant, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

  • Hassle-Free Installation and Maintenance: With its innovative structure design and easy-to-use DIP switch for power options, installing and maintaining our LED UFO High Bay Light is a breeze. Spend less time on maintenance and more time focusing on your business.

Upgrade your lighting setup today with our LED UFO High Bay Light, and experience a revolution in warehouse lighting. Illuminate your space with unparalleled brilliance, efficiency, and reliability.


CCT: 5000K
Dimmable: 0-10V
Housing: Die-casting Radiator
Lumens: 150L/W
Power Factor: >0.9
Warranty: 5 Year warranty
certification: UL, CUL and DLC Premium
CRI: >80
DLC ® Model Number: GL-UFO-Y2-200W(5000K)[Power Tunable]
IP Rating: IP65
Operating Temperature: (-20° to +60°C)
Voltage: 120-277V AC
Watt: 150W/200W/240W (Wattage Adjustable)

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