240 Watt Tunable LED Shoebox Light for Parking Lots | 100-277V AC, 5000K, Up to 180lm/w Dusk to Down Photocell Slip Fitter Mount

240 Watt Tunable LED Shoebox Light for Parking Lots | 100-277V AC, 5000K, Up to 180lm/w Dusk to Down Photocell Slip Fitter Mount

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SKU: IND-04-017

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Experience Unmatched Brilliance with LED Parking Lot Pole Lights

Introducing our high-performance Led Parking Lot Pole Lights - the ultimate lighting solution for your parking lots! These innovative 240W/200W/150W Tunable LED Shoebox Lights are designed to illuminate vast outdoor spaces with exceptional brightness and efficiency. Built to provide superior illumination and lasting durability, our LED Pole Lights are the perfect upgrade for your parking lot lighting needs.

Key Features  LED Parking Lot Pole Lights

  1. Tunable Brightness: With three available wattage options (240W, 200W, and 150W), you can easily customize the brightness to suit your specific parking lot requirements.

  2. Energy-Efficient: Operating on a wide voltage range of 100-277Vac, these LED lights are highly energy-efficient, reducing your energy consumption and utility costs significantly.

  3. Brilliant Daylight Color: Emitting a crisp and clear 5000K daylight color temperature, these pole lights ensure excellent visibility and increased safety during the night.

  4. Impressive Luminous Efficacy: Achieving up to 180 lumens per watt, these LED shoebox lights deliver exceptional brightness while consuming minimal power.

  5. Long-Lasting Performance: Crafted with top-grade materials and advanced technology, these lights boast a long lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and replacements.

  6. Even and Wide Light Distribution: Equipped with precision optics, these lights provide a uniform light distribution across the entire parking area, minimizing dark spots and enhancing security.

  7. Weather-Resistant: Engineered to withstand various outdoor conditions, these LED pole lights are IP65 rated for weather and dust resistance, ensuring their performance in harsh environments.

Key Benefits LED Parking Lot Pole Lights

  1. Enhanced Safety and Security: The superior brightness and even light distribution of our LED parking lot lights create a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers, reducing the risk of accidents and potential criminal activities.

  2. Cost-Effective Solution: By consuming less energy and having a prolonged lifespan, these LED lights result in significant cost savings over traditional lighting options.

  3. Customizable Lighting: The tunable wattage feature allows you to tailor the brightness level to meet specific requirements, providing flexibility and adaptability for various parking lot sizes and layouts.

  4. Environmentally Friendly: As energy-efficient lighting options, our LED pole lights contribute to reducing carbon footprints, making them a greener choice for your business or organization.

  5. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed with a user-friendly installation process, these lights require minimal effort to set up and maintain, saving you time and hassle.

Upgrade your parking lot lighting with our Led Parking Lot Pole Lights to create a well-lit, safe, and inviting space for your visitors and customers. Experience the exceptional performance, cost savings, and environmental benefits that come with our top-of-the-line LED shoebox lights. Trust in our dedication to quality and reliability, and transform your parking lot into a well-lit oasis with our premium LED lighting solution. Choose our LED Parking Lot Pole Lights for unmatched efficiency and durability.


CCT: 5000K
IP Rating: IP65
Lumens: 180Lm/W
Voltage: 100V-277 AC
Watt: 240 Watt
Dimmable: 1-10V
Life hours: 50,000 Hours
Replacement: 840 Watt Replacement
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

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