150W LED Shoebox Pole Light with Built in Photocell- 23,532 Lumens, 5000K Daylight, Ideal for Universal Mounting (Square/Round) Pole

150W LED Shoebox Pole Light with Built in Photocell- 23,532 Lumens, 5000K Daylight, Ideal for Universal Mounting (Square/Round) Pole

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Dusk To Dawn LED Shoebox Lights 150W - Perfect for Your Outdoor Areas 

Light up your outdoor spaces with our amazing 150W LED Shoebox Pole Light. It's a smart choice for saving energy and brightening up your surroundings. Whether you need lighting for a parking lot, street, or any outdoor area, our LED light is designed to meet your needs with efficiency and reliability.

Features and Benefits of 150W LED Shoebox Pole Light (In-built Dusk to Dawn Sensor)

Energy Efficiency:

Our LED shoebox light is super efficient with 23,532 Lumens, meaning it gives you lots of light without using too much energy. That's good news for your wallet and the environment!


This light is built to last. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, you won't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. It's a reliable choice that saves you time and money in the long run.

Brightness and Color Temperature:

Get ready for bright, clear light with our LED shoebox light. It puts out 23,532 lumens and has a 5000K cool white color that's perfect for outdoor spaces. Whether it's dark streets or dimly lit parking lots, this light has got you covered.

Easy Installation:

Installing our LED shoebox light is a breeze. It's designed to work with standard pole mounting systems, so you can have it up and running in no time. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to hassle-free lighting.


No matter where you need lighting, our LED shoebox light can handle it. It's tough enough to withstand all kinds of weather, from rain to snow. Plus, its sturdy design means it's perfect for everything from parking lots to roadways.

Cost Savings:

By using less energy and lasting longer, our LED shoebox light saves you money on your electricity bills and maintenance costs. It's a smart investment that pays off in the long term.

Environmentally Friendly:

With its lower energy consumption and long lifespan, our LED shoebox light is good for the planet. You'll be reducing your carbon footprint while still enjoying bright, reliable lighting.

Improved Lighting Quality:

Say goodbye to dim, flickering lights. Our LED shoebox light provides consistent, high-quality light that makes outdoor spaces safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Conclusion of 150W LED Pole Light

Upgrade your outdoor lighting with our 150W LED Shoebox Pole Light and enjoy bright, reliable illumination that saves you money and helps the environment. With its energy efficiency, durability, and versatility, it's the perfect choice for any outdoor lighting needs. Invest in quality lighting today and see the difference it makes in your outdoor spaces.


Beam Angle: 120° Beam Angle
Chip Type: SMD2835
Dimmable: 0-10V
IP Rating: IP65
Lumens: 23,532 Lumens
Replacement: 450W Metal Halide
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
certification: UL cUL DLC 5.1 approved
CCT: 5000K
CRI: >90
DLC ® Model Number: NG-PL-150W(5000K)
Life hours: 50,000 Hours
Power Factor: >0.9
Voltage: AC 100-277V
Watt: 150 Watt

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