Heavy Duty 3 Inch Light Pole - 10ft Round Steel, Galvanized for Strength (Pack of 4)

Heavy Duty 3 Inch Light Pole - 10ft Round Steel, Galvanized for Strength (Pack of 4)

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SKU: COM-02-7894

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Elevate Outdoor Lighting with 3-Inch 10-Foot Round Steel Light Poles: Heavy-Duty Durability, Timeless Design

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with confidence using our 3-Inch 10-Foot Round Steel Light Poles. Crafted for heavy-duty applications, these galvanized poles offer robustness and reliability, ensuring a long-lasting lighting solution for various outdoor environments.

In the Box:

  • 4 x 3 Inch Light Pole - 10ft Round Steel

Unmatched Strength in Every Detail - Key Features of 3-Inch Steel Light Poles

Explore the features that set our steel light poles apart:

  • Durable Construction: Engineered for heavy-duty applications, these poles guarantee durability and resilience in all weather conditions.
  • Galvanized Finish: The galvanized coating provides protection against corrosion, making these poles ideal for long-term outdoor use.

Versatile Outdoor Illumination - Where to Install 3-Inch Steel Light Poles

Discover the versatility of our 3-Inch 10-Foot Light Poles:

  • Pathways and Walkways: Enhance safety and visibility in pedestrian areas.
  • Landscapes: Illuminate outdoor landscapes with subtle and effective lighting.
  • Residential Areas: Add a touch of sophistication to residential neighborhoods.
  • Commercial Spaces: Provide reliable illumination in commercial parking lots and outdoor areas.

Heavy-Duty Performance in a Compact Design - 3-Inch Steel Light Pole Specifications

Uncover the technical specifications that make these poles an ideal choice:

  • Height: 10 feet, striking the perfect balance between functionality and space.
  • Diameter: 3 inches, ensuring a compact yet sturdy design.
  • Material: Galvanized steel for robustness and resistance against the elements.

Galvanized Excellence - Why Choose 3-Inch 10-Foot Steel Light Poles

  • Durability: Engineered for longevity, these poles withstand the toughest weather conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various outdoor applications, providing reliable and effective illumination.
  • Easy Installation: Compact and easy-to-install design for seamless deployment in diverse outdoor settings.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces - Invest in Quality Lighting Infrastructure

Upgrade your outdoor lighting with our 3-Inch 10-Foot Round Steel Light Poles. The heavy-duty construction and galvanized finish ensure reliability, durability, and a visually appealing solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Illuminate with confidence, shop now for premium steel light poles.

Kindly note that this product, whether considered an accessory or standalone item, is non-returnable.

Please be advised that the light pole product does not come with included accessories; however, additional accessories are available separately for purchase.

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