Brushed Nickel LED Wall Sconce | Dimmable & Color Adjustable (3000K-4000K-5000K) | Modern Wall Lighting Fixture (15W, 120V, CRI 90+)

Brushed Nickel LED Wall Sconce | Dimmable & Color Adjustable (3000K-4000K-5000K) | Modern Wall Lighting Fixture (15W, 120V, CRI 90+)

SKU: DECO-30-4895
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5 Years Warranty
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SKU: DECO-30-4895

Experience Modern Illumination with Our Brushed Nickel LED Wall Sconce

Experience modern illumination with our Brushed Nickel LED Wall Sconce. Each pack includes one sconce, complete with dimmable capabilities and color adjustment settings (ranging from 3000K to 4000K to 5000K). This contemporary lighting fixture operates at 15W and is compatible with 120V power sources, offering superior brightness and efficiency. With a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 90+, expect unparalleled clarity and color accuracy in your space.

Features & Benefits: Illuminate Your Space with Versatility and Efficiency

  • Versatile Lighting: Seamlessly adjust the color temperature to suit your preferences or the ambiance you wish to create, whether it's a cozy warm glow or a crisp, cool brightness.

  • Energy Efficiency: With a replacement wattage that outperforms traditional incandescent bulbs, this LED sconce ensures energy savings without compromising on luminosity.

  • Modern Design: The sleek brushed nickel finish adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any room, while the minimalist design blends seamlessly with various décor styles.

  • Dimmable Functionality: Enjoy customizable brightness levels to cater to different activities and moods, from ambient lighting for relaxation to focused illumination for tasks.

  • Long-lasting Performance: Built to last, this fixture boasts an extended lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance hassles.

Customer & Quality Assurance: Shop with Confidence and Assurance

  • Certifications: Rest assured, our LED wall sconce meets stringent quality standards and holds relevant certifications, ensuring safety and performance.

  • Warranty Coverage: Your purchase is backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality craftsmanship.

  • Easy Replacement: Should you encounter any issues, our hassle-free replacement policy ensures swift resolution, minimizing downtime.

  • Return Policy: We offer a flexible return policy, allowing you to shop with confidence and convenience.

  • Long Life Hours: Expect enduring performance with an impressive lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance costs.

  • Rebate Eligibility: Take advantage of potential rebates and incentives, contributing to further savings and eco-friendly initiatives.

Upgrade Your Lighting Today

Illuminate your living space with sophistication and efficiency. Whether for residential or commercial settings, our Brushed Nickel LED Wall Sconce is the perfect choice for modern lighting solutions. Enhance your ambiance while enjoying energy savings and longevity.

Elevate Your Space with Style and Sustainability

Choose our Brushed Nickel LED Wall Sconce for superior lighting performance and modern design. Ideal for various applications, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and beyond, these sconces elevate your space with their versatility and efficiency. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and sustainability with our premium lighting fixture.


Beam Angle: 120° Beam Angle
CRI: >80
Dimmable: 1-10V Triac Dimming
IP Rating: IP20
Lumens: 1050LM
SKU: DECO-30-4895
Warranty: 5 year Warranty
certification: ETL
CCT: 3000K/4000K/5000K (CCT Selectable)
Dimension: ‎7"L x 3.5"W x 10"H
Housing: Brushed Nickle Steel + Acrylic Lens
Life hours: 50,000 HRS+
Operating Temperature: -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)
Voltage: 120V
Watt: 15W

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