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LED Barn Lights

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our energy-efficient LED Barn Lights. These lights are designed to provide bright, long-lasting illumination while enhancing the aesthetics of your barn or outdoor area. With a range of wattages and specifications to choose from, you can find the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

Wattages Available:

  • 35W LED Barn Light
  • 50W LED Barn Light
  • 80W LED Barn Light
  • 100W LED Barn Light
  • 120W LED Barn Light


  • Lumens: Up to 12,000 lumens
  • Color Temperature: 5000K (Daylight White)
  • Material: Die-cast aluminum housing with a powder-coated finish
  • IP Rating: IP65 (Waterproof)
  • Mounting Options: Wall mount or pole mount
  • Certifications: UL Listed, DLC Certified
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty

Upgrade to LED Barn Lights today and enjoy energy savings and superior lighting performance. Illuminate your barn or outdoor space with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and efficient lighting solution.

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